Newsies - Santa Fe (Prologue) Lyrics

Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical - Santa Fe (Prologue) Lyrics

JACK (spoken):
Them streets down there,
They sucked the life right outta my old man.
Wellthey ain't doin' that to me.

CRUTCHIE (spoken):
But everyone wants to come to New York.

JACK (spoken):
You keep your small life in the big city.
Give me a big life in a small town.

They say folks is dyin' to get here.
Me I'm dying to get away,
To a little town out west that's spankin' new.
And while I ain't never been there, I can see it clear as day.
If you want, I bet'cha you could see it, too.
Close your eyes... come with me where it's clean and green and pretty,
And they went and made a city made outta clay.
Why, the minute that you get there folks'll walk right up and say,
"Welcome home, son, welcome home to Santa Fe!"
Plantin' crops, splittin' rails, swappin' tales around the fire,
'Cept for Sunday, when you lie around all day.
Soon your friends are more like family,
And they's beggin' you to stay!
Ain't that neat?
Livin's sweet in Santa Fe.

Hey, no one worries about no gimp leg in Santa Fe.
You just hop a Palomino, you'll ride in style.

CRUTCHIE (spoken):
Feature me ridin' in style.

Hey, I bet a few month of clean air,
You could toss that could toss that crutch for good!

Santa Fe, you can bet we won't let them bastids beat us.
We won't beg no one to treat us fair and square.
There's a life that's worth livin',
And I'm gonna do my share:

Work the land, chase the sun,

Swim the whole Rio Grande just for fun,

Watch me stand!
Watch me run...

JACK (spoken):
Hey. Hey...

Don't you know that we'se a fam'ly?
Would I let ya down?
No way!
Just hold on, kid, till that train makes Santa Fe.

[Thanks to Brooke Weldon for corrections]

Newsies the Musical Santa Fe (Prologue) Song Lyrics

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Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical Lyrics

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