Mythic - Mess Around Lyrics

London 2017
Mythic the Musical - Mess Around Lyrics

Somebody beer me
Somebody help me drown
When I'm feeling like hell
Well then I double down
Gotta stir shit up
The night has just begun
I'll be turning heads
Before the night is done
Let's have some fun

(spoken) Hey, Hades...

How 'bout we hit it
You and me get deep
It's time we did it
Beauty and the creep
Come on admit it
You know that you want a taste


Oh I could stroke ya
Yeah I'll stroke your soul
And I can choke ya
'Til you lose control
Let me provoke ya
And this party won't be such a waste


How 'bout you hold me close tonight
Feel the power of Aphrodite love
I'll give you just a dose tonight
And raise a little hell

I wanna mess around
For the stun of it
Mess around
For the fun of it
Mess around
With no regrets
No regrets
Why don't we mess around
Can you handle this
Mess around
Let's be scandalous
Mess around
With no regrets
No regrets

HADES: (spoken)
Why don't you go make some mortals fall in love?

APHRODITE: (spoken)
How 'bout a god?

What if I make ya
Kiss this girl for kicks
Oh that'll shake ya
When I post the pics
Yeah that'll break ya
Getting caught with Demeter's girl

HADES: (spoken)
You wish

I'm gonna freakin' bend your will
With the power of Aphrodite love
I'm gonna prove I got the skill
Won't daddy be amazed?

Hey hey hey
Hey, yeah
Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

Yeah, yeah!

Why don't you

Mess around
Don't you wanna just
Mess around
So you're gonna just
Mess around
With no regrets
No regrets

You're gonna see
Nobody can mess with me

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Mess Around Lyrics from Mythic the Musical Lyrics

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