Mythic - What Mothers Have to Do Lyrics

London 2017
Mythic the Musical - What Mothers Have to Do Lyrics

You think that I'm too weak
To brave the road you roam

(spoken) ...You're right

You think I'm far too meek
To get you to come home

(spoken) You're right

It's true
I'm helpless without you
What will this mother do
What this mother has to do

(spoken) Oh, Persephone...
You can't say I never did anything for you!

Don't always like you
But you know I'll always love you
My love is constant as the sky
That hangs above you
Though I know I'm no match
For those who once denied me
For you I've got to find some fight
Inside me

I'll try not to fold
I'll brave the odds for you
So upsetting
Ah, I'm sweating
I'll face trials untold
Face vengeful gods for you
Though they might destroy me
Let's get to it
Mother's do what
Mother's have to do

If I turn around
I'll be back home by two


Mother's do what
Mother's have to do

Helios, where is she?
I know you see everything from your sun chariot

Helios: (spoken)
I'm not the earth's security guard, I'm the freaking sun!
What makes you think I'm gonna help you? Unless...
This should be good. There's this cyclops,
In Crete, who's a real prick. Bring me his eyeball

DEMETER: (spoken)
No, no no no!

Cyclopses really freak me out
It isn't funny
But I will mow that sucker down
To find you honey

CYCLOPS roars, DEMETER screams

I will not back down
Kick into gear for you
Could get bloody
Sorry buddy
I will go to town
And wield this spear for you


That did not go well
I missed the eyeball
Damn it, so what
Now come on, come through
Mother's do what
Mother's have to do

Don't know if I've got any fight left in me
All my fire was used up long ago
But for you
I'll pull through
For you
There's nothing I wouldn't do


HELIOS: (spoken)
I'm sorry, did you just destroy a mythicological beast?
Using trees? I had no idea you could do that

DEMETER: (spoken)
Neither did I... But Persephone,
I will do whatever it takes! You hear me, kid?

I will crawl through flames
Play fast and loose for you
No exemption
Just redemption
Kick ass and take names
I'll deal with Zeus for you
'Cause I'm not afraid
Not any longer
Mother's do what
Mother's have to do

(spoken) Look out, Olympus!

Mother's do what
Mother's have to do

(spoken) Mummy's coming for you, baby girl!

Mother's do what
Mother's have to do

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What Mothers Have to Do Lyrics from Mythic the Musical Lyrics

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