Mythic - You'd Be Surprised Lyrics

London 2017
Mythic the Musical - You'd Be Surprised Lyrics

CHARON: (spoken)
Excuse me! Pardon me, the Styx is a permit-only river.
There's no picnicking, wading, washing...
Oh, you're not fishing are you?
I swear, if I see one more fisherman I'll-

PERSEPHONE: (spoken)
You're Charon! The ferryman!
My mum told me stories about you

CHARON: (spoken)
Oh, I'm sure. Gruesome, forboding,
Old Charon, the stuff of nightmares.
Ferrying all those poor, dead,
Wretched souls to the other side, right?

PERSEPHONE: (spoken)
My mum's Demeter, Goddess of-

CHARON: (spoken)
You're Persephone? What the heck are you doing down here?
I mean, the underworld's the worst;
Dismal, barren, a little sticky

If it were within my power to leave here
I would go without a backwards glance
Cause my job is so morose
All these dead people are gross
I'd fly if I could get the chance

You'd be surprised
Your job is nicer than it seems
'Cause you keep your composure
So dead souls find closure
So you clear all their fears

And put up with their screams

You'd be surprised
I mean, truly surprised
You provide those who died
With sweet dreams

CHARON: (spoken)
Oh, you're alright kid! This river walk's on me

Ooh ahh
Ooh ahh

ASCALAPHUS: (spoken)
Hey, hey! Watch where you're going,
You're going to trample the soil!
And who gave you permission to be in Hades' garden, anyway?

PERSEPHONE: (spoken)
This is a garden? What, are you the gardener?

ASCALAPHUS: (spoken)
Damn right. Ascalaphus, creepy gardener of the underworld.
What useless business

Here's the deal kid, nothing grows very well here
As you see we don't get any sun
It's too dank for planting seeds
And too dark for pulling weeds
It's dim and grim and it's no fun

You'd be surprised
Things can bloom even when weather's weak
Plant some radish, they'll flourish
The dead you can nourish
This stink soon can yield lots of beets

And I'd freak!

You'd be surprised
I mean, truly surprised
Some things grow even though
Skies are bleak

Just plant stuff that grows in the dark. Turnips, swede...
This is the underworld,
There must be stuff that blooms here magically just because

ASCALAPHUS: (spoken)
Like pomegranates!

PERSEPHONE: (spoken)
Uh, sure. Listen, I know gardens.
If you work hard, you'll get results

ASCALAPHUS: (spoken)
Thanks, lady!
Root vegetables are totally the new black

Ooh ahh
Ooh ahh

MINOS: (spoken) Aha! A new victim!

I am Minos
Judge of the dead
I invent punishment
Forcing mortals
To repent

PERSEPHONE: (spoken)
Everyone must hate you

MINOS: (spoken) They do

You'd be surprised
Things might change if you weren't so severe
Sure you might be judgemental
But try to be gentle
'Cause force is of course, well

It's laden with fear

You'd be surprised
I mean, truly surprised
Folks would melt
If you felt less of fear

MINOS: (spoken) You think so?

PERSEPHONE: (spoken) Oh, I know so!

MINOS: (spoken)
New rule, people: Ice cream for everybody!

I don't know what I'm feeling
It's totally new
Yes, I'm finally letting loose
Yes, it makes me feel of use
I helped these guys and bam
I pulled them up and damn
Call me surprised
I mean, truly surprised
That in hell I can tell who I am
Yes, in hell I can tell who I am

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