Me and My Dick - Listen to Your Heart Lyrics

StarKid Presents 2009
Me and My Dick the Musical - Listen to Your Heart Lyrics

You look a little down, Joey
You look a little blue
It looks as though your dick has run
A little way from you

He hung you out to dry, Joey
I think you will agree
The world would be much better
If you listened, a little bit, to me...

Listen to your heart, Joey
Listen to your heart
Comb your hair and smile
That's a start!

Wipe that schmutz right off your cheek
Give her a glimpse of that fine physique
Ooh, and a splash of cologne will delight!

Treat the lady right, Joey
Treat the lady right
Take off your hat
And always be polite

Offer your handkerchief, give her your pin
Open the door when she wants to walk in
Ooh, she'll never resist, mon cheri!

Take her to Paris
And look up at the tower
Every night, on the hour
Let the lights have their way

Take her in your arms
Speak of life and devotion
Then propose by the ocean

So she'll promise to stay...
So she won't go away...
Don't let her get away...
Joey! She can't get away!

Show her that you care, Joey
Show her that you care
Pass her a note that says
You're beyond compare!

Make her a mix tape with songs about love
Knit her a sweater that fits like a glove
Ooh, the two of you will never be apart
Joey, listen to your heart!


And soon, she'll love us
Like we love her
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

The time is right
To make my/your move

It's time to give her the ring...

So, Joey, what'cha gonna do?

I'm gonna listen to my heart!

Oh buddy, it's my big debut...

I'm gonna listen to my heart!

I'm/You're gonna listen...
To my/your...

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