Me and My Dick - Even Though Lyrics

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Me and My Dick the Musical - Even Though Lyrics

Wait, don't go!
There's something
I need you to know

SALLY (spoken):
What is it?

JOEY (spoken):
Um, it's just...
Uh, it's...
Uh, um, shit.

I don't know...

SALLY (spoken):
Whatever, bye Joey.

Just wait, give me a minute
My head's confused but
I know there's something in it
Won't you stay? Please stay
Until I get it clear

SALLY (spoken):
What are you trying to say?

What I'm trying to say is,
I'd feel much better if you would stay here

Even though I was blind before
I've realized there is so much more
And it was always deep down in the core of me
I know it now

And even though it seems too much to take
There's a feeling I can't seem to shake
I feel like, I am reading the signs
'Cause I know that I'm
Coming around...

I thought I wanted someone
Perfect as could be
When what I needed was
The one, who is perfect for me...

Even though it used to seem so wrong
I've taken you for granted far too long
We're falling right into the denouement
And now I'm breaking ground

Even though I felt it from the start
It's only now we're beating with one heart
I'm sure that, now is time
'Cause I know that I'm...


I'm coming around!

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