Bubble Boy - It's an Elk Lyrics

The new musical based on the 2001 cult classic film of the same name
Bubble Boy the Musical - It's an Elk Lyrics

PUSHPAHP: (spoken)
Oh, no. What have I done?

JIMMY: (spoken)
I think you just killed a cow-

PUSHPAHP: (spoken)
No! No. This is not a cow.

It's an elk
It's a gnu
A wildebeest, a bison or perhaps a caribou

I deduce
It's a moose

JIMMY: (spoken)
I think it's a cow.

Then kill me now

It's a llama
It's a yak
Or maybe it's a camel with no humps upon its back

What does it say?
Does it nay?

JIMMY: (spoken)
I think it moos.

Then I lose

According to the Mahābhārata
He who kills the sacred cow has gotta
Spend one year burning in Hell at the least
For every hair that's upon the holy beast

Look at that hair!
Look at that hair!
That's a lot of freaking hair!

It's an okapi
It's an impala
A buffalo, a zebu, an oversized koala

How I hope
It's an antelope

JIMMY: (spoken)
I'm pretty sure it's a cow.

Then kill me now

Since I was a boy I'd never harm a
Fly, you see, there's something known as karma
I've tried to live my life without reproach
But now I'm coming back as a cock-a-roach!
As a cock-
As a cock-
As a cock-, as a cock-, as a cock-
As a cock-a-roach!

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