Bubble Boy - Stay Clean Lyrics

The new musical based on the 2001 cult classic film of the same name
Bubble Boy the Musical - Stay Clean Lyrics

There is one thing to which we must come to terms
There are some things out there just as deadly as germs
Like girls with short skirts and piercings and perms.
They scare mommy.
They frighten mommy.
But there's something you can do to calm me.

JIMMY: What? What do I need to do, Mom?

Stay clean.
Stay clean.
This world is a cesspool, unwashed and obscene.
There's some filth you can't fight with Lysol and Bactine.
Stay clean,
Stay clean,
Stay clean.

JIMMY: But Mom -

Stay pure.
Stay pure.
Oh, I know girls like that, they may have their allure,
But you're just one more fly on her pile of manure
Stay pure,
stay pure,
stay pure.
When I was young I did things I regret,
There are people and places
I'd rather forget.
But now carnal desires are put on the shelf.
There are parts of my body
I don't even show myself.
Some call me backwards,
Some call me extreme.
I feel like a salmon struggling upstream.
Vice they embrace
And virtue they spurn,
But someday they'll learn.
Someday it'll be their turn,
And someday they'll burn.

So stay clean.
I'll stay clean.
Stay clean
I'll stay clean
Don't you make the mistakes that I made as a teen.
For if sin is a fire, then that girl's kerosene.
Stay clean, stay clean,

Stay clean.

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Stay Clean lyrics from Bubble Boy the musical

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