Big Fish the Musical - Time Stops Lyrics

Broadway Musical (2013)
Big Fish - Time Stops Lyrics

Time stops when suddenly you see her
Time stops and what you thought you knew changes
and life beyond this moment is better, bigger

Time stops but still your heart is beating
Time stops though you don't take a breathe
She's there and all you've ever wanted is nearer, clearer

I used to think the world was small
Now I don't think that way at all

Time stops when dreams come true before you
Time stops when fantasy is real
I knew this moment was expected
But this good, who could?

That boy is staring and I feel a chill
I don't know why
That boy is staring and the world is still
Not tumbling by, there's no one talking
But I can hear a thousand voices
What's going on inside me?
That boy is staring is it me he sees?
I can't be sure
If he is staring, should I try to please?
or be demure?
My hand is trembling, but in this moment nothing scares me
What's going on?

[Edward and (Sandra):]
I used to see what lies ahead
(I thought my life might be a bore)
Now I just see this girl instead
(Could be I'm bound for something more)

Time stops (and troubles are abandoned)
Time stops the minute (s)he arrives
I see the future in this instant
Subversive. Sublime.

I'd live forever in this moment
If I could stop, stop time

That boy is staring and I feel a chill
I don't know why

[Thanks to Jason Rasmussen for corrections]

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