Big Fish the Musical - Daffodils Lyrics

Broadway Musical (2013)
Big Fish - Daffodils Lyrics

I was indentured to
A traveling circus
Elephants and all
I was shot out of a cannon
When they up and lost the ball
I met werewolves,
Dancing bears
If you don’t think it true
Then how on earth
Can you explain the road
That led me here to you?

[spoken] Wait, are you the…

Look, I saw you
And all of time
In all the world stood still
And I promise
I’ll prove my worth
I’ll roam the earth until
You believe me
And we can be, at last forever one
Don’t be afraid
Be my crusade

[spoken] But you’re too late. I’m engaged to be married.

Tell me what I have to go and do
To make you change your mind
Anything I have to promise to
I’ll gladly get behind
I’m the man who you should marry
Your intended through and through
Otherwise I’d never walk the road
That led me here to you
Once a month
A scrap of news
It felt like you were there
Once a month
I heard your voice
I held you, solitaire

Amos said that you loved music
Said that you were college bound
But one thing,
More than all the rest
Filled the heart inside my chest:

He told me you loved daffodils
And countless as the stars that shine
They stretched in never ending line
‘Til all I saw were

Beside the lake
Beneath the trees
All fluttering and dancing in the breeze

And like that moment right between
Asleep and waking
I thought I saw ten thousand strong
In one quick glance
But when I saw your face
I knew beyond mistaking
A million flowers
Couldn’t stand a chance
So I’ll pretend the

Are just an introduction to
The blossoming of me and you
Beside the lake
Beneath the tree
Beyond mistake
Please marry me
Please marry me

[spoken] But you hardly know me!

[spoken] I have the rest of my life to find out.

[spoken] These, and these
[spoken] These, and these…

These are for you
Only for you

Let’s build a world of daffodils
That never fades and never dies
I see the answer in your eyes
You’ll be the bride/I’ll be the bride
I’ll be the groom/you’ll be the groom
A daffodil in every room

And I will shower you with flowers
Or my name isn’t Edward…


[Thanks to Michael for lyrics]

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