Big Fish the Musical - Closer to Her Lyrics

Broadway Musical (2013)
Big Fish - Closer to Her Lyrics

(Edward Bloom)
If you tell me who she is
I’ll work night and day
And you won’t even have to pay me

(Amos Calloway)

Once a month
If you work
If you slave
If you cry for me
Then I’ll give you a clue

Once a month
If you clean
If you haul
If you die for me
Then the clue will be true

Once a month
It could be what she thinks
What she loves
Where she lives
What she drinks
What she hopes
And all you have to do
Is pull the ropes

Closer to her
I’ll get you closer to her
You only need to be
My devotee because
I’ll tell you where she was born
Or if she plays the French horn
Then you’ll be closer
Than you ever was

First clue: She likes dancing.

(Edward Bloom)

(Circus Folk)
Closer to her
You’re one step closer to her

(Edward Bloom)
I’m not afraid to stoop
To scooping poop because

(Circus Folk)
He’ll stoop for poop!

(Amos Calloway)
You’ll learn what perfume she wears
Or what she says in her prayers

(Edward Bloom)
And be much closer than I ever was

Mr. Calloway, it’s time.

(Amos Calloway)
For what?

(Edward Bloom)
My clue! About the girl I’m gonna marry.

(Amos Calloway)
If you got a clue, you wouldn’t get married at all.
Back to work!

(Circus Folk)
Days into weeks
Into months into years
Into clue after clue after clue

(Amos Calloway)
She likes blue!

(Circus Folk)
Seasons go by in the blink of an eye
But the dream doesn’t seem
To come true

(Amos Calloway)

(Edward Bloom)
Year after year
With the hope I would hear
Something kind
Something fresh
Something new-

Mr. Calloway, it’s been three years!

(Amos Calloway)
Kid! There’s other fish in the seas!

(Edward Bloom)
But I’m already hooked.
Why do you insist on keeping her name a secret?

(Amos Calloway)
Secrets are the backbone of society
Everybody ought to have a few
I believe in secrets
And I’ll keep mine for awhile
They keep me a success
They make you work for less

But I’m a man of my word.
Your girl- she’s going to college.

(Edward Bloom)
Closer to her

(Edward & Circus Folk)
One textbook closer to her
But I’ve/you’ve been working hard
And time is flying by

(Edward Bloom)
I’ve paid his price, I should go
Still, there’s one thing I don’t know…

(Amos Calloway)
Hell. Her name is Sandra Templeton.
She goes to Auburn University.

(Edward Bloom)
Thank you, Mr. Calloway. Thank you!

(Circus Folk)
Like a cannon ball
Soon to be a human comet above
Like a cannon ball
Circling a constellation of love

Filling up the heavens
Making waters part
Aiming straight for
His beloved’s welcoming heart


Closer it’s true
There’s not much more he can do
The years gone by will seem
A kind of dreamy blur
And when at Auburn he lands
He’ll do what Fortune demands
When finally closer than closer to-

[A body falls from the sky.]

(Edward Bloom)

[Thanks to Jason Yi for lyrics]

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