Tootsie - There Was John Lyrics

2019 Broadway
Tootsie the Musical - There Was John Lyrics

"There Was John" was written by David Yazbek, performed by Lilli Cooper (Julie), Santino Fontana (Dorothy).

I was the girl in the bubble at school
Behind my own personal wall for protection
I'd sit there alone like a fool
I never was able to make a connection

Then one day I tried out for the play
I'll never forget it
A flea in her ear
And I was suddenly someone with something to say
Making a sound everybody could hear

And suddenly everything makes some sense
Then I saw this guy in the audience

And there was John
Fifth row on the aisle
With a big smile on
And after the show he came backstage
And now that this birdie was out of her cage
Well, everything was okay

We date for a year, then we're cohabitating
Then I get a big chance to take the next step
Away from a job I was hating
And into a slot in the regional rep

In rehearsal all day after day after day
Creating and playing in play after play
And night after night, igniting the spark
Connecting with all of those folk in the dark

And John was there
There with a smile and his hands in the air
Clapping for me and back home we'd go
Happy together for eight or nine hours or so
And everything was okay
And then I'd be gone again

This life takes everything you give it
Like a puppy or a kid

But if you really love it, you live it

And that's what I did

Played Carousel on the road for the winter
From April to June, I toured Cabaret
Then Mother Courage in stock in New England all summer
And John tried to call almost every day

He told me he wanted some kids and a wife
And that's when I realized
This is my life
I'd made my choice but I never expressed it
And when I got home
Can you guess?

DOROTHY: (spoken)
Yeah, I guessed it

John was gone
Everything on the left of the closet was gone
His electric guitar, and his amp, and his car were gone
Just "poof"
There I was standing under a roof alone
And yes, my heart was almost broken
But I'd made my choice and I'd make it again

And now, where's John?
I think Portland, Maine or maybe it's Oregon
With a kid and a wife

And here is me
Another dressing room number one thousand and three
Exactly where I should be
Exactly where we should be
And everything's okay

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