Tootsie - What's Gonna Happen (Reprise) Lyrics

2019 Broadway
Tootsie the Musical - What's Gonna Happen (Reprise) Lyrics

"What's Gonna Happen (Reprise)" was written by David Yazbek, performed by Sarah Stiles (Sandy).

I know what's gonna happen
Don't tell me that it's not
You'll call me up at nine
And say: "There's something you forgot"

Your brother is in jail
Your mom's been in a wreck
Your sister has a goiter
Like a football on her neck

You're gonna stand me up
And I'll be staring at the phone
Sitting there all dismal and pathetic and alone
And feeling just about as welcome
And as wanted as a kidney stone

I know what's gonna happen
You know what's gonna happen
We know what's gonna happen
We all know what'll happen
It never doesn't happen
It always has to happen
It's guaranteed it happens

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Tootsie lyrics What's Gonna Happen (Reprise)

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