Twisted - Happy Ending Lyrics

2013 Chicago
Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Musical - Happy Ending Lyrics

I'll be treated like a hero
All the citizens adore
They'll throw a parade in my honor
With peacocks and monkeys galore

The people will cheer
For the royal vizier
For answering duty's call

Not that I care for glory
I just want a story
With a happy ending for all

I can't wait to be a rich dude
'Cause I've heard it told
Stealing is so much easier
When you've already got tons of gold

But I got my eye
On what money can't buy
'Cause that princess is, ooh, hella tight

I'll be the one who plunders
Her cave of wonders
Get a happy ending tonight

My innocent Aladdin
Please darling don't be dead
It puts a damper on our love
If you don't have a head

I wish that you could fly away
Escape somehow and soar
And take me to a world where
We'll have everything and more

And one day the genie will say to me:
"Ja'far, you're a man of such virtue
I hate to see how your loneliness
And your memories hurt you

Shouldn't a man who's so noble
And who's influence is so global
Have someone by his side?

I know what you're wishin'
So with your permission
I'd like to bring back your bride"

And with my wife beside me
My failures will be absolved
The world will be a paradise
With all its problems solved

We'll retire to some far place
And share an itty-bitty living space

A humble yet cozy abode
Where we can write our own happy ending

I want everything and more...

I steal everything

We'll get our happy ending

Meaning everything

And that happy ending starts...

I want everything...

I'll steal everything...


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