Ragtime - President Lyrics

Broadway production 1998
Ragtime the Musical - President Lyrics

"President" is a song from musical Ragtime performed by Audra McDonald (Sarah).

I'll tell him...
President, I am coming to you
On behalf of Coalhouse Walker
He don't know I'm here...
He's much too proud!
And I ain't much of a talker
But President, he needs your help, sir
You're the only one
'Cause Coalhouse, he won't marry me
Till this thing is done
And President, we got a son!

(The march music is suddenly very loud, very real.
SARAH breaks through the police barricade and rushes
towards him, her arm outstretched to him.)

President! President!!

She's got a gun!

(The police officers club SARAH with their nightsticks.
She falls to the ground.)

Ragtime the Musical President Lyrics

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President Lyrics Ragtime the Musical

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