Ragtime - His Name Is Coalhouse Walker Lyrics

Broadway production 1998
Ragtime the Musical - His Name Is Coalhouse Walker Lyrics

"His Name Is Coalhouse Walker" is a song from musical Ragtime performed by Coalhouse and Company.

His name was Coalhouse Walker.

Was a native of St. Louis some years before.

When he heard the music od Scott Joplin

In St. Louis

Bought himself some piano lessons
Working as a stevedore.

Here was a music
That truly inspired.

Dancers required him.

Club owners hired him.

the strivers of Harlem
Respected and admired him

For turning Harlem into art

But Coalhouse had a broken heart.
The Good Lord looked down, saw me lonely and loveless,
and thought to Himself: "Enough is enough. I'm putting
Sarah in Coalhouse's life."
And he did.

This wasn't a woman. This was an angel, a gift of God.
Coalhouse loved this woman, but not wisely and not
too well. She left me without a word or trace. There was
no pity for me.

None whatsoever, Coalhouse.

Now she is haunting me
Just like a melody-
the only song I seem to know.
Sarah, my life has changed.
Sarah, I miss you so.
Sarah, I did you wrong.
sarah, where did you go?

And then this morning, the miracle happened. I found
out where she is and I'm going to do my damnedest to
see she takes me back. Ladies and gentlemen, the
Gettin' Ready Rag!

Ragtime the Musical His Name Is Coalhouse Walker Lyrics

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His Name Is Coalhouse Walker Lyrics Ragtime the Musical