Pipe Dream - Suzy Is a Good Thing Lyrics

1955 Broadway
Pipe Dream the Musical - Suzy Is a Good Thing Lyrics

The song was written by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II.

I got eyes that can see pretty sunsets
And pretty dresses in store winders.
And I got ears that can hear music
And the sound of waves on a beach.
I got a nose that can smell flowers
And food cookin’ on a stove.

And I got two feet that can take me anywhere I want to go,
And I can walk and run and climb and swim in the sea.
And if I am somethin’ that can do all this,
Why should I be ashamed to be me?

Suzy is a good thing;
This I know is true.
Suzy is a good thing.
She may make mistakes,
As other people do
Everybody makes a few.

Suzy’s eyes are searching eyes;
The world they seek is new.
Suzy looks for love
As other people do.
Suzy will find her love, too
Someone is looking for Sue.

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