Narnia the Musical - Doors and Windows Lyrics

Narnia the Musical - Doors and Windows Lyrics

The song is written by Thomas Tierney & Ted Drachman.

SUSAN (Spoken rhythmically)
Marbleton Manor, that grand mausoleum,
Holds more bric-a-brac than the British museum!
Its rooms and its galleries ramble for miles
A hodgepodge of odd architectural styles!

PETER (Likewise)
The cellars and dungeons are ancient and striking,
Most probably celtic or possibly Viking,
The mansion is Gothic in much of its feeling
(Tho' late Anglo-Norman in parts of the ceiling),
The splendid old tower is high Romanesque!
Combined with a variant version of Persian Grotesque.

LUCY (Sing)
But the windows and doors are the soul of the place
As they light shifting patterns of shadow and space
Creating a strange unforgettable aura of grimness and grace.

EDMUND (Spoken)
I don't care about windows and doors!
I want to go home to London!

You don't care about windows and doors?!
Why, when I was your age, opening doors
and windows gave me half my education!
Doors and windows,
Open and close!
They hide or expose
All the world to your view!

Gates and shutters,
Lock and unlock,
To beckon or block
Wonders waiting for you!

Now doors will never yield
To doubters who go around mopin'!
But if you're full of hope,
You're holdin' the key that will open

Each door and window,
Window and door,
And open new worlds to explore!
I'm not talking about architecture,
but the architecture of possibilities!
Do you see?

SUSAN (Spoken)
I think I do!
Doors and windows,
Bolt and unbolt!

And only a dolt
Wouldn't want to go through!

ALL (except EDMUND)
And you will find your doors,
Wherever your destiny plops you!
For you and you alone,
Determine what spurs you or stops you!

That's it!
For if you are open inside,
Then doors and windows
Will stop you no more!

They'll swing themselves wide for you!

Stand right aside for you!

Pliantly slide for you!

Surely provide for you-

ALL (except EDMUND)
Wonderful worlds....
to explore!!!!!!!

EDMUND (Spoken)
I want to go home!!!

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