Narnia the Musical - Cair Paravel Lyrics

NARNIA the Musical - Cair Paravel Lyrics

The song is written by Thomas Tierney & Ted Drachman.

See the great river,
Winding its way
Through the forest
Of talking trees;
Skirting the dawn-lost mountains,
Flowing league after league
'Till it meets with the sea...

I see...

Right there
Upon the hill,
A ruined castle stands.
It once was the house
Of all our glory:
Cair Paravel

Cair paravel.

Four thrones
Have waited there
The endless ages through.
They wait
Like a half-forgotten dream
In Cair Paravel.

Cair Paravel.

Four thrones are waiting
For the promised kings
To come,
Four thrones
That are rightfully their due.

And if you prove worthy,
Worthy and true,
Sons of Adam,
Daughters of Eve,
The four thrones are waiting
For you.

The ancient prophecy
May soon now come to pass;
This land may be as
It used to be,
A land that is proud
And glad and free,
And you may fulfill
Your destiny
In Cair Paravel.

Cair Paravel.

Right there,
In Cair Paravel.

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