A Man of No Importance - The Burden of Life Lyrics

2002 Off-Broadway Musical
A Man of No Importance the Musical - The Burden of Life Lyrics

Lil! Remember this morning?
I said I had a…I had a feeling.
Well, I was right.
Someone I was waiting for, well, praying for,
Even got onto the bus out of the blue! A girl!

A girl! Oh, Alfie! Well,
That is the power
of the nine weeks of St George for you!

How long has it been
I've been down on my knees
saying rosaries into my sleep?..


The candles I’ve lit,
The novenas I’ve said in the hope
St. Lauretta would weep!


The girls at Sodality call me a martyr
but that’ll be all in the past.
Now heaven has lifted the burden of life
and has brought you a sweetie at last!
Oh, you had better propose to her fast!

She’s not for me, she’s for the play.

Oh God! You’re not starting that up again, are you?
Who puts these notions into your head?
You’re an unmarried bus conductor,
Alfie, in case you haven’t noticed.

I think of the time we was both of us kids.
It was me who would stand up for you.
I’d beat anybody who’d pick on my brother.
I’d pummel ‘em purple and blue!
But here I am now, looking after you still,
The girls say I’m out of my head,
And pity a woman, the burden of life
With a brother who’s never been wed!
Oh! It’s a blessing our parents are dead!

But, Lil!

St. Lauretta, I don’t even mind if the girl isn’t virginal.
Fat chance these days.
There’s probably three of us left in all Ireland.
St. Lauretta, with all of the scandal
you hear and you read of today,
Oh, what’s the whole world coming to anyway?

And now and again, Mr. Carney proposes,
And all I can say is “not yet.”
My brother he needs me,
Who else has he got
but some girl who he still hasn’t met?
And now and again, I see gray in your hair,
And I noticed the gray in mine too
Oh, pity a woman, the burden of life.
How much more do I have to go through?
God sent you this girl, Alfie, give it a whirl,
or I’ll bash in your brains with my shoe!
St. Lauretta is counting on you!

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