Confusing Times Lyrics

2002 Off-Broadway Musical
A Man of No Importance the Musical - Confusing Times Lyrics

CARNEY: (spoken)
I felt it was my duty to tell the Sodality
what you were up to, Alfie.

There’s something amiss
Beneath our roof
The penny’s dropped.
This play of his is blasphemy
And must be stopped.
These are confusing times,
You read it in the news,
You hear it in the songs they play
And in confusing times,
Believing is our strength
What else is there to guide our way?

These agents of corruption
This document of lust,
The church will still be here
After they’re all dust

ALFIE: (spoken)
You’re talking about a masterpiece
of dramatic literature.

CARNEY: (spoken)
To a heathen atheist,
your play may be some kind of masterpiece.
To a devout Catholic,
it’s an affront to everything our Lord Jesus Christ
stretched out his arms and died for.

FATHER KENNY: (spoken)
The play is cancelled.
And St. Imelda’s Players is barred
from further use of the hall.
Next order of business.

In these confusing times,
I cleave to what I know
A servant of the sacred lamb.
You had one foot in hell!
I only meant you well.
Listen, Alfie,
You know who I am.

ALFIE: (spoken)
I know who you are.


Now the sounds of accusation
Echo down the lane
Echo in his heart and
Echo in his brain

The man hurries on
Up a road
Past the park
Comes to a door

Turns the key in the dark…

[Oohs continue]

ROBBIE: (spoken)
Oh, shite!

[Mrs. Patrick gasps]

MRS. PATRICK: (spoken)
Hello to you, too, Mr. Byrne.
I guess this beats anything in one of your plays…

ROBBIE: (spoken)
Why are you lookin’ at me like that?

ALFIE: (spoken)
She’s a married woman.

[Thanks to Julia Labusch for the lyrics]

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