Edges - Pretty Sweet Day Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek
Edges: A Song Cycle Musical - Pretty Sweet Day Lyrics

Jersey Shore, last May
Checking out the hotties, drinking Stellas all day
We were tipsy, well, we were drunk
So  when that kid shot that beach ball
And nailed you in your junk
You got pissed, you crossed the line
Took one more swig and muttered vengeance is mine
Looked at the boy and said “Here’s the deal,
You’re a little fucker, and Santa isn’t real!”

Later on we bought twenty packs of fun dip
And fed them to some birds
Then we waited two more hours till
They pooped out rainbow coloured turds
Which looked awesome by the way
That was a pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day

My sister’s wedding, drunk again
Rating all my cousins on a scale from one to ten
I mean, you guys were rating, I was not
Even though my second cousin Becky’s kind of hot
Anyway, that’s not the point
Remember how we found the fattest chick in the joint?
We double-dared you to touch her tit
But then you took her home
Buddy, way to commit

Later on you sobered up
And asked if you’ve been super shady
We forgave your lack of taste
I mean, how often do you sleep with the Snapple lady?
Dude, I knew you weren’t gay
That was a pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day

What happened to that guy?
We haven’t seen him since like ninety nine (Did you?)
It’s like he disappeared
Dude, what happened to you?
Your girlfriend sucks (Your girlfriend sucks)
Your girlfriend sucks (She really sucks)
The day that you met Rachel was the beginning of the end
It’s so not cool (It’s so not cool)
You’re such a tool (Don’t be a tool)
Don’t you miss being our friend?

Hung out with Rachel, it was fine
We ordered shots, you ordered wine
Talked about movies starring Meryl Streep
And kicked each other under the table so we wouldn’t fall asleep
You two were talking, so unaware
That we were silent, that we were there
And you looked happy, you kissed her hand
OK, you love her, we understand

But just in case you find some time
We’re goin’ back to the Jersey Shore
And maybe for one afternoon
It’ll be us three like it was before
Just consider it, OK?
That would be a pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day
A pretty sweet day!

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Edges Pretty Sweet Day Lyrics

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