Edges - Part of a Painting Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek
Edges: A Song Cycle Musical - Part of a Painting Lyrics

There's a fortress on an island
that's an hour south of Athens.
In a little Greecian town I can't pernounce
So I won't try.
And it looks like there's a castle that's
just floating on the water.
And all around, the moss green mountains
poke and pierce the sky.

The seagulls fly in circles
over cafes on the shoreline.
And two or three stray dogs are sleeping
underneath the trees.
the sun hides  under clouds that coat
the light in fainted purples.
The current whipps the colored ships
that sea-saw in the breeze.

This is the closest I've come to being
apart of a painting.
Like I fell in a well of pastels
an artist dipped in while he drew.
And I know if I remember every detail,
I can bring it home and paint it all for you.

A girl waits at the harbor
for a boy who went out fishing.
He said that he'd return
before the final breathe of day.
As darkness comes she turns
and leaves the harbor behind her.
His boat appears, he dries her tears
and carries her away.

This is the closest I've come to being
apart of a painting.
And although ti is slow i now know
the kind of man i want to be.
And I know if I remember every detail,
I can recreate this rendering of me.

Sketches are never done.
Portraits are never complete.
Sometimes it takes time before
you're back on your feet.
But now I know beauty,
I understand peace.
I found what I needed on the coast of Greece.
I wanted some distance to chart the unknown.
I needed to find my way on my own.
but now,

Finally I'm ready to let you be apart of my painting
And I swear I'll be there and I'll share
the things I've come to know as true.
Nothing else matters unless you'll be apart of my painting,
For the heart of my painting is you.

Theres a man who writes a letter
to a lady back in Pittsberg.
He says he's coming home
and that his trip is finally through.
And though he's scared
he signs it with "I love you, now and always."
He wont delay...
he'll start today...
And paint it all... for you

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