Diana the Musical - Happiness/Simply Breathe Lyrics

2021 Broadway
DIANA the Musical - Happiness/Simply Breathe Lyrics

Performed by Jeanna de Waal (Diana), Roe Hartrampf (Prince Charles) and Cast.

William, my dear little prize
It stops me to look in your eyes
My gorgeous heir to the throne
Do I dare call you my own

To me you're much more than an heir
You're simply my heart lying there
And can't we forever be
This happy new family

Happiness, happiness
You find a way to face the day
When you find happiness

Darling, I'm holding our son
So let me say
Jolly well done
Never thought I was the type to cry
Or sing a sweet lullaby

Happiness, happiness
After all we've both been through
Have we found happiness?

SERVANT: (spoken)
Sir, it's Mrs. Parker-Bowles on the line

CAMILLA: (spoken)

CHARLES: (spoken)
How've you been?

CAMILLA: (spoken)
All is well, I suppose. And you?

CHARLES: (spoken)
William brings me an impossible sense of joy,
But it's lovely to hear your voice

I will always love you
You still haunt my dreams
And we will be there for each other
Always be there for each other

DIANA: (spoken)
Is that...?

CHARLES: (spoken)
It was simply a phone conversation, that is all.
You misunderstood

DIANA: (spoken)
You said you were still in love with her!

CHARLES: (spoken)
I said nothing of the kind! Now if you don't mind,
I'd rather not have this conversation again and again

Stop, breathe
I feel so unprotected
Hopes fade
This is not what I expected
A princess unperfected

If no one's listening
A husband barely there
Can't grab a gasp of air
Don't forget this was your dream
So simply breathe (simply breathe)

PAUL: (spoken)
She hardly eats, her mood changes by the minute

SARAH: (spoken)
She's even been threatening to harm herself!

DOCTOR: (spoken)
It's postpartum depression,
I'm afraid it's grown quite severe

SARAH: (spoken)
And when she has her next child?

DOCTOR: (spoken)
It will likely grow worse

Simply, simply, simply breathe

Harry, my ginger-haired son
You'll always be second to none
Perhaps, at last, finally
Your dad will be so proud of me

CHARLES: (spoken)
Another boy, then.
Seems you have ignored my request for a girl

DIANA: (spoken)
So our own son isn't good enough for you?

CHARLES: (spoken)
Christ, Diana. Don't overreact to a joke

DIANA: (spoken)
She's still in our marriage.
She will always be in our marriage

CHARLES: (spoken)
Is it your intention to drive me back to her?
Because that is exactly what you are doing!

Wounds heal
But scars can last forever
Hearts bend
Break, and burst, and sever
A dangerous endeavor

Avoid the flashing glare
Undone yet undeterred
Defy this life absurd
I think it's time to change your dream
So simply breathe

I could use a prince
To save me from my prince
How does one survive
When it hurts to be alive?

Wounds heal
But scars can't last forever
And you can't breathe

You can't breathe
Simply breathe

[Thanks to Harman for lyrics]

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Diana the Musical Happiness/Simply Breathe Lyrics

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