Chess - Florence and Molokov Lyrics

1988 Broadway
Chess the Musical - Florence and Molokov Lyrics

MOLOKOV: (spoken)
The game is greater than its players, Miss Vassy. How true

I don't know how you can allow
This harm to be done to chess
And how this baby of yours
Can be persuaded back to the game

FLORENCE: (spoken)
Easy. You stop playing politics and you start playing chess

I don't know how
You have the gall to
Criticize us
When it is all too
Obvious this is what you wanted
We get the blame

Your man, following orders,
was planning some sort of bust-up from the word go

You really are mad
He has no orders
Now let me put my cards
Upon your table--
If he is aggrieved
Then who can blame him?
He is up against a man
Who's less than stable

Who rocked his chair
Throughout the match then?
Who sniffed and coughed
Began to scratch, then
Played with his flag
And tapped his fingers
Then took a walk?

Your precious boy!

Listen, you plutocratic throwback
You and your cronies wanna go back
Home to your Dachas, not the salt mines?

We better talk!

MOLOKOV: (spoken)
I wish, Florienz--

FLORENCE: (spoken)

MOLOKOV: (spoken)
Florence, you would refrain from cheap political jibe
at a time when cooperation between us is vital.
Besides, I would have thought you'd be reluctant
to criticize fellow Eastern European

FLORENCE: (spoken)
Fellow Eastern Europeans!
I was born a Hungarian.
Do you remember Hungary? I wish I could.
I was only five when you bastards moved in.
I have no memory of my homeland-- my mother,
my father, my people -- all taken from me by you!

And you call yourself
A fellow Eastern European!

Come now, Miss Vassy
We're digressing
Back to the point
Let's start addressing
All our attention
To the World Chess

FLORENCE: (spoken)
Cut the crap! They have to meet. If you deliver Anatoly,
I will deliver Freddie, at the Merano Mountain Inn,
famous for its peace and tranquility.
That's where I'll do the business

MOLOKOV: (spoken)
We'll do the business

FLORENCE: (spoken)
I'll do the business

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