Chess - Someone Else's Story Lyrics

1988 Broadway
Chess the Musical - Someone Else's Story Lyrics

Long ago
In someone else's lifetime
Someone with my name
Who looked a lot like me
Came to know a man
And made a promise
He only had to say
And that's where she would be

Lately although her feelings
Run just as deep
The promise she made
Has grown impossible to keep
And yet I wish it wasn't so
Will he miss me if I go?

In a way
It's someone else's story
I don't see myself
As taking part at all
The girl that I was fond of
Finally could see
The writing on the wall

Sadly she realized
She'd left him behind
And sadder than that
She knew he wouldn't even mind
And though there's nothing left to say
Would he listen if I stay?

It's all very well to say
"You fool, it's now or never"
I could be choosing
No choices whatsoever

I could be in someone else's story
In someone else's life
And he could be in mine
I don't see a reason to be lonely
I should take my chances
Further down the line
And if that girl I knew
Should ask my advice
Oh, I wouldn't hesitate
She needn't ask me twice
"Go now!"
I'd tell her that for free
Trouble is the girl is me
The story is the girl is me

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