Cleopatra - Heaven on Earth Lyrics

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Cleopatra: The Musical Experience - Heaven on Earth Lyrics

They call me a god, ever since birth
My kingdom, they say, is heaven on Earth
The center of life, a beacon of love
The soul and heart of all my worth

But it could be gone in less than a day
Blink and it's taken away

What kind of Mother would I be
If I let some Roman take it from me -
A Goddess who's got us backed against the wall?

No, I'll never let it slow, we'll stand tall
And history will tell -
You mess with heaven on earth
I'll give you hell
Give you hell
Give you hell
I'll give you hell

Took all my strength and will to create
This kingdom, my rule, all that you know
My arms hold you up, but the burden is great
If I were gone, would the Nile still flow

Life would carry on, like this had been a dream
All of my ? would still stream

What kind of Goddess would I be
If I thought my people didn't need me?
How to be here while both loved and feared by them?

No one is fearful
You're only revered by them

And suddenly, out of the dark appears a soldier
My savior - it's Marc
Without him, heaven on Earth would be-

Hold up, Marc is not your equal
That cannot be what you're teaching

Iris, this is not a lesson
This is gospel that I'm preaching
Sway in the day-to-day is not Marc's deal
But what he's got is way farther reach than his appeal
Now look-

I'll pay any price for this paradise
Within our city gates
My land, my clan, my power, my man
Protected together whatever it takes!

So I'll shout out tonight, and let Rome hear me yell
Heaven is here
So dance like hell

Like Hell
Dance like hell

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