Cleopatra The Musical Songs Lyrics

Power. Seduction. Ruin. The legendary Queen of the Nile is throwing one of her famously lavish parties to celebrate the Empire’s latest triumphs over Rome, and you are invited to attend. Inside the palace, drinks flow, and music seduces as guests are met with every indulgence. But outside the city walls, the alluring Marc Antony beckons, the nefarious Octavian lurks, and Cleopatra’s enemies plot a violent end to her prosperous reign. The Queen better watch her back.

CLEOPATRA is a high-octane fusion of music, dance, fashion, theater and nightlife that welcomes audiences into a wholly interactive experience. Set to an original pop score spun by a live DJ, this exhilarating immersive musical traces history’s most seductive and powerful ruler, mixing historical drama with an enveloping spectacle that will have guests partying until the Empire falls.

Pop Musical
Cleopatra: The Musical Experience Songs with Lyrics

1. Surrender Lyrics
2. Heaven on Earth Lyrics
3. He's Home
4. Exceptional
5. Torture
6. I Can't Breathe
7. Burning Up
8. On Top Lyrics
9. Checkmate
10. Stranger
11. Who You Were Tonight Lyrics

Music by Jeff Daye
Lyrics by Laura Kleinbaum and Jeff Daye

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1 Cleopatra - Surrender Lyrics
2 Cleopatra - Heaven on Earth Lyrics
3 Cleopatra - On Top Lyrics
4 Cleopatra - Who You Were Tonight Lyrics