Stephen Sondheim - Multitudes of Amys Lyrics

2010 Broadway
Sondheim on Sondheim the Musical - Multitudes of Amys Lyrics

Multitudes of Amys
crowd the streets below

Avenues of amys,
officefuls of amys
Everywhere I go.

Wonder what it means,
I wonder what it means.

I see them waiting for the lights,
Running for the bus,
Milling in the stores
And hailing cabs
And disappearing
Through revolving doors.

Multitudes of amys,
Everywhere I Look.

Sentences of amys,
Paragraphs of amys,
Filling every book.

Wonder if it means
I've gone to pieces.

Every other word I speak
Is something she says.

Walls hang with pictures of amys,
Galaxies of amys
Dot the night skies,
Girls pass and look at me
With amy's eyes.

I've seen an audience of amys
Watch a cast of amys
Act in a play.
Seems there are more of her
Every day.

What can it mean?
What can it mean?

I've caught a stadium of amys
Standing up to cheer,
Choruses of amys,
Symphonies of amys
Ringing in my ear.

I know what it means.
I'm ready,
I'm ready,
I'm ready now!

All that it takes is two,
Amy, me
Amy, you,

I know what it means.
Hey, amy,
I know what it means.
Oh, wow!

I'm ready,
I'm ready,
I'll say it
Marry me now!

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Multitudes of Amys lyrics by Stephen Sondheim