Stephen Sondheim - Happiness Lyrics

2010 Broadway
Sondheim on Sondheim the Musical - Happiness Lyrics

I'm so happy i'm afraid
I'll die,
Here in your arms.
What would you do if i died...
Like this,
Right now,
Here in your arms?
That we ever should have met is a miracle...
No, inevitable...
Inevitable, yes,
But i confess
It was the look,
That look,
The sadness in your eyes,
The day that we glanced at each other at the park.
We saw that we were both unhappy.
I needed you, you needed me.
How quickly need can lead to love.
All this happiness,
Merely from a glance in the park.
So much happiness,
So much love.
I thought i knew what love was.
I wish we could have met so much sooner.
I thought i knew what love was,
I thought i knew how much i could feel.
I didn't know what love was,
But now i do.
It's what i feel with you...
The happiness i feel with you.
So much happiness,
Happening by chance in the park.
Surely this is happiness
No one else has ever felt before.
Just another love story,
That's what they would claim.
Another simple love story-
Aren't all of them the same.
No but we feel more,
This is more,
We feel so much more...
Like every other love story...
Some say happiness
Comes and goes...
Then this happiness
Is a kind of happiness
No one really knows.
I thought i knew what love was,
I thought it was no more than a name for yearning.
I thought it was what kindness became...
I'm learning...
I thought where there was love
There was shame.
But with you
There's just happiness...
Endless happiness...
Endless happiness...
Endless... endless...

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Happiness lyrics by Stephen Sondheim