Every Story's Got a Lesson Lyrics

2016 Off-Broadway
Ride the Cyclone the Musical - Every Story's Got a Lesson Lyrics

The song is written by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell.

OCEAN: (spoken)
Noel didn’t even talk about anything real.
It was just a song about him wanting
To be a sex worker in the old-fashioned days!
What is even the moral?
What does it teach you?
What’s the lesson?

KARNAK: (spoken)
Not every story has a lesson, Ocean

OCEAN: (spoken)
Every story has a lesson!
Every story

Every story's got a lesson
A simple moral to be told
Although a tale may twist and turn

There's always something you can learn

A nugget of wisdom, solid gold!

Solid gold!

KARNAK: (spoken)
Ah yes, perhaps every story does have lesson.
Likе Pompeii: don't live next
To an activе volcano

Moving forward, ladies and gentlemen,
It's time to raise it up
For the best Ukrainian rapper
In Northeastern Saskatchewan,
Mischa Bachinski: the angriest boy in town

P.S. The second movement
Of this section won't make a lick
Of sense until you see it live.
And that, my friends,
Is a masterclass in how to upsell

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Ride the Cyclone the Musical Lyrics

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