Marry Me a Little - Two Fairy Tales Lyrics

2012 Off-Broadway
Marry Me a Little the Musical - Two Fairy Tales Lyrics

(cut from A Little Night Music the Musical)
(written by Stephen Sondheim - Two Fairy Tales lyrics)

Once upon a time
Once upon a time
There lived a princess
There lived a knight
Who was exceedingly beloved?
Who was devout?
Who had a kingdom?
In a kingdom
Which was perfect
Which was wrerched
Which was carpeted with jewels
Which was under someone's curse
She was beset on every side
On every side it was beset
With handsome princes
With giant trolls
And lesser nobles
And a dragon
Bearing gifts and begging marriage
Bringing famine
She would spurn them
He would pray
And they would kill themselves in duels
And it constantly got worse of course
But the princess soon grew tired
The knight was much inspired
Of all the fires she had fanned
By the misery at hand
As time went on
He thought
She thought I must wed someone
I must do something
To alleviate the sorrow in the land
To alleviate the sorrow in the land
Now there were three
There were three
In particular named
In particular named
And Excellent
And Lust
But she could not
He could not
Refuse the call
At all
He bade his wife
She bade the three appears
Farewell or go he must. Then to the west
She go her wizard to suggest
The knight set off upon his quest
A sort of test
He bore his crest
At her behest
As if possessed
The princely suitors did their best
Nor did the rest
And who'd have guessed
He was obsessed
All three were tested and they passed
He found a priest
She was depressed
He made a fast and was confessed
And served a feast where she was faced
He never ceased
With princes
Until at last he had laid waste
And turn to dust the dragon
And Excellent
After many year
And lust
The King her after
After many years
Who'd been abroad in search of truth?
The noble knight
Returned to find
Who'd lost an arm?
The kingdom wretched
Retired to find
All activity suspended
The kingdom perfect
To his dismay he also found
All activity resumed
His daughter mad
He also found to his dismay
With indecision
His wife had died
She had lapsed into a coma
With the waiting
While her suitors
And his children
Had grown restless and offended
Left alone
And so the king to ease her sorrow
Had been starving and were doomed
Passed a curious decree
So the court upon the morrow
That she could marry all three suitors
Proclaimed a holiday to be
Did she feel quietly?
And the day was named for him
Did he feel quietly?
And it was wonderful to see
Oh yes
So she lived
And it was wonderful to see
Ever after
So he lived
With Virtue
Not for long
Ever watchful for
And Excellence
That's the tale
Which was read me by my father
And lust
That's a tale
Which was read me by my mother

And there's probably
A moral to be
Pointedly discussed
But it's always been
My favorite
And I read it when I'm gloomy
And though fairy tales are
Foolish that's a
Fairy tale of trust

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