Marry Me a Little - Bang! Lyrics

Off-Broadway Musical
Marry Me a Little - Bang! Lyrics

(Cut from A Little Night Music the Musical. Written by Stephen Sondheim.)

The war commences the enemy awaits
In quivering expectancy
The poor defenses the penetrable gates
How terrible to be a woman

The time is here the game is there
The smell of fear like musk, pervades the air
The bugle sounding the pistol steady
The blood is pounding take aim and ready Bang!

Twenty minutes small talk thirty at the most
Bang! Two or three, to pour the schnapps Bang Bang Bang
Haif a minute to propose the necessary toast Bang!
The tunic opens, bang! The trousers fall, bang!
The foe is helpless back against the wall Bang!
An hour and a quarter over all, and bang!

Twenty minutes to arrange those idiotic flowers
Can she get away with more? Bang! Bang! Bang!
Then she's to brush her hair and that could take her hours
Bang! A fit of vapors, bang! No, that's too quaint Bang!
A wracking cough, and then a graceful faint Bang!
A lengthy lecture, bang! On self-restraint Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The battle rages
Whatever ground he gains he fortifies remorselessly
The foe engages by shifting the terrain
How pitiful to be a woman
- Attack
- Bang!
- Retreat
- Bang!
- Lay back
- Bang!
- Reform
- Bang! Bang
- Outflank
- Bang!
- Deplete
- Bang!
- Move up and then restore
- Bang! Bang!





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Bang Marry Me a Little Lyrics Stephen Sondheim

Marry Me a Little the Musical Lyrics

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