Leap of Faith - King of Sin Lyrics

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Leap of Faith - King of Sin Lyrics

"King of Sin" is a song from Leap of Faith musical performed by Raul Esparza (Jonas).

Jonas (spoken):
Brothers and sisters. 
Your sheriff is right when she warns you to beware. In fact -

Where are you going now Jonas?

My past is far more disturbing than you can imagine.
I have robbed, I have conned, I have cheated.
I have duped, and defrauded, and stolen

I've lusted and lied and let evil inside of my soul, oh yeah.
I have hurt, and betrayed and mistreated
And suckered, and swindled and scammed
I've done so much deceit
and I've scandalized even the damned, yes indeed

But like it or not, I'm exactly what you need

I have run down the highway to ruin,
I've fallen farther than Lucifer fell
I've spent my life waiting to party with Satan in hell, yes sir!
And, whatever misdeeds you've been doin',
Whatever your conscience conceals,
I ain't judging you bro I'm just sayin', I know how it feels

Cos if you think you've strayed, you're only a beginner
If you think you're cursed, you still ain't truly been
And if you think you're doomed, just look at me you sinner
I am the king of sin

No, no!
I ain't up here bragging
My life is a disgrace

But lying in my bed one night, I saw the good lord's face
I cringed beneath the covers, sure the lord would strike me dead
Let me tell you what our savior said

He said," Jack Newton, I wipe away your shame
I pardon all your sins, but in return, I'll take your name
Go forth from here and be reborn as Jonas, meaning my prophet
and Nightingale, he who sings
Tell all your fellow sinners, the forgiveness Jesus brings"
Then my life was clear as it could be
I understood why god had called on me

Get those baskets back out there!

I'm the lowest of all of the lowly
the baddest of all of the bad
My criminal record is so frigging checkered it's plaid, oh yeah

But if I took from hell down to holy
I turned from the wrong to the right
Well who better, I say, to show others the way to the light

So if you lost at life, I'll help make you a winner
If you're and down out, I'll point you up and in
And if you need the proof, just look at me you sinner!
I am the king
I am the king
I am the king of sin

Oh, he puts on a good show.  I won't argue that.
But before you give him your hard earned money, ask yourself where it goes.
Look at the clothes he wears, the Mercedes bus he drives.
Look at the legal bills he incurs!
Ask yourself if he's truly a man of god, why he needs your money at all.

Now you judge me falsely sister Marva.
That money is not for me, or my choir. 
They haven't seen a dime in months!  Idn't that right, angels?

That's right!

Think it's about making money, oh no
There's far easier ways to do that
It's about saving souls!
This is about eternal life!
About which side of the ledger you will be on when the judgement day comes!

If you think that I can't lead you from damnation
And if you think that I'm a fraud who don't know jack
Well this money here won't buy you your salvation
So take it back, take it back!
Take every penny of your doubt money back!

Jonas Nightingale, you're under arrest.
Anything you say can and will be used against you

Wake up stop dancing, dancing in the devil's shoes
Folks, your souls are yours to lose
It's time to use your heads and chose, yes chose!
Stop prancing, please

I promise you, tomorrow night,
If this tent is filled, you will see a miracle!

Your grant will set you free
Dancing, dancing in the devil's shoes

[Thanks to Charlie Green for lyrics]

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King of Sin Lyrics Leap of Faith Musical

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