Leap of Faith - I Can Read You Lyrics

The Broadway Musical
Leap of Faith - I Can Read You Lyrics

Jonas: I betcha think you're pretty tough,
and sure you are, but not enough.
Still you're the type of girl who likes to flirt with danger.

Marla: Is that all?

Jonas: You haven't had a date in years,
the locals leave ya bored to tears.
But you'd be be tempted by a charming handsome stranger.

Marla: Oh please.

Jonas: It'd help a ton if he's gone by Monday I reckon.
So it's clean and done before anyone has to know.
I told ya so, see I can read you like an open book
And honey chapter one looks dynamite.
I can read you with a single look.
So forgive me if I'm staring, but you clearly can't help sharin'.
'Cause darlin' it's all there in black and white.

Marla: A few lucky guesses. My turn.

Jonas: You're out of your league.

Marla: Here. I hope you can hold your liquor.
I betcha think you're pretty slick.
The type who doesn't miss a trick
and I can see you've got your act down to the letter.

Jonas: Compliments don't count.

Marla: I know you're charming, goodness yes,
not half as much though as you'd guess,
but plenty enough to fool the folks who don't know better.

Jonas: Cheers.

Marla: And in every town all the girls lay down when you beckon,
so you get all hot when there's one who's got any fight.
Damn right, yeah I can read you like an open book.
The kind that I put down by chapter two.

Both: Aw honey, I can read you with a single look.

Jonas: And it seems like a best seller.

Marla: At least the tale if not the teller and honey,
even Helen Keller could see through you.

Jonas: My turn. You spend your days in the heat
and haze, sleepwalk through the town,
you watch it turn to dust and blow away.
You talk to folks, maybe tell some jokes, smile when they seem down,
and swear the rain'll be here any day.
Late at night in the failing light,
you're tired to your soul and everything inside comes bursting through.
Still, you keep it hid so your poor sweet kid won't see you lose control,
and pretend that you're just fine, and hope to God it's true. Too much?

Marla: I can take it. Can you?
I think you read folks like you do to keep the world from reading you.
It's hard to hit a target that keeps moving See,
I don't know the life you've had.
But someone somewhere hurt you bad.
And you don't want that wound to start improving.
So you come on hard and won't drop your guard for a second.
And you pick apart everybody's heart so your own,
Can stay unknown.

Jonas: Can we stop now?

Marla: See, I can read you like an open book.
You're pretty much like me down at the core.

Jonas: Oh I can read you

Marla: Yes I can read you.

Both: Let's turn the page and read a little more.

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Leap of Faith the musical I Can Read You Lyrics

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I Can Read You lyrics from Leap of Faith Musical

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