Hadestown - Our Lady of the Underground Lyrics

2016 stage musical adaptation of a folk opera by Anaïs Mitchell
HADESTOWN the Musical - Our Lady of the Underground Lyrics

I don’t know about you, boys
But if you’re like me, then hanging around
This old manhole is bringing you down
Six-feet-under getting under your skin
Cabin fever is a-setting in
You’re stir crazy! You’re stuck in a rut!
Or you could use a little pick-me-up
I can give you what it is you crave
A little something from the good old days
I got the wind right here in a jar
I got the rain on tap at the bar
I got sunshine up on the shelf
Allow me to introduce myself

Brother, what’s my name?
My name is…

Our Lady of the Underground!

Brother, what’s my name?

Our Lady of Ways!
Our Lady of Means!

Brother, what’s my name?
My name is…

Our Lady of the Upside Down

Brother what’s my name?
I’ll tell you my name…

Come here, brother, let me guess
It’s the little things you miss
Spring flowers, autumn leaves
Ask me, brother, and you shall receive
Or maybe these just ain’t enough
Maybe you’re looking for some stronger stuff
I got a sight for the sorest eye
When’s the last time you saw the sky?
Wipe away your tears, brother
Brother, I know how you feel
I can see you’re blinded by the sadness of it all
But look a little closer, everything will be revealed
Look a little closer, there’s a crack in the wall

You want stars? I got a skyful
Put a quarter in the slot, you’ll get an eyeful
You want the moon? I got her too
She’s right here waiting in my pay-per-view
Oh, how long’s it been?
A little moonshine ain’t no sin
One at a time, boys, straight line
What the boss don’t know, the boss won’t mind

[Thanks to Gavin for lyrics]

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