Hadestown - Come Home With Me Lyrics

2016 stage musical adaptation of a folk opera by Anaïs Mitchell
HADESTOWN the Musical - Come Home With Me Lyrics

ORPHEUS (spoken)
Come home with me!

EURYDICE (spoken)
Who are you?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
The man who’s gonna marry you.
I’m Orpheus. Come home with me!

EURYDICE (spoken)
Who am I?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
Eurydice —

— the girl who makes me wanna sing

The woman who I’m marrying.

EURYDICE (spoken)
A singer! Is that what you are?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
Well, I also play the lyre.

EURYDICE (spoken)
Oh, a liar! And a player too?
I’ve met too many men like you.

ORPHEUS (spoken)
I’m not like any man you’ve met.

EURYDICE (spoken)
Oh yeah? What makes you different?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
You see the world?

EURYDICE (spoken)
Of course I do.

ORPHEUS (spoken)
I’ll make it beautiful for you.
For you I’ll change the way it is.

EURYDICE (spoken)
With what?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
(holds up guitar)
With this!

EURYDICE (spoken)
I’m sure you play it well,
But only the gods can change the world.
Me and you can’t change a thing.

ORPHEUS (spoken)
You haven’t heard me sing.

EURYDICE (laughs and spoken)
Are you always this confident?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
When I look at you I am.

EURYDICE (spoken)
When you look at me, what do you see?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
Someone stronger than me, somebody who survives.

EURYDICE (spoken)
So why should I become your wife?

ORPHEUS (spoken)
Because I make you feel alive.

EURYDICE (spoken)
That’s worth a lot... What else you got?

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