The Rosewater Foundation Lyrics

2016 Off-Broadway
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater the Musical - The Rosewater Foundation Lyrics

Welcome to a flowing font of truth and good and cash
If you're looking for the loot to toot a flute or cure a rash
If you're down on luck and need a buck we'll fund you in a flash

If you'd like to write a piece on Saint-Denis or Delacroix
If you must research the Church of Christ or works of Myrna Loy
Don't be bashful, we've a stash-full
Don't be timid, don't be coy

Baring market crashes, floods, or worse, inflation
Baring fiscale flops or fierce devaluation
In a world where next to nothing comes for free
Bet you'd never thought you'd ever live to see,
So divine a shrine to fine philanthropy,
As the Rosewater Foundation, INC.

We've just handed Norman Mailer fifteen-thou to vent his spleen,
Fly to us! Fly to us!
Here's a grand to Will Durant and to a guy named Taver Steen
Apply to us! Apply to us!
The photographer/biographer to Butterfly McQueen
Here's four-grand for Orson Bean!

Drive to town, come down, fill out an application
We're a boon to the artistic population!
They're as generous as anyone can be,
As enlightened and urbane as "Camera Three"
We'll support you and we'll serve you herbal tea!
At The Rosewater Foundation, NYC.

"What time was your appointment with Mr. Rosewater scheduled?"
"10:30 this morning."
"Mine was for 11. What time is it now?"
"4:45." "Maybe he got stuck in traffic."

Here's a copy of Horizon to amuse you while you wait
As per usual the president is just a little late
But unless you'd like to leave and ask for funding from the state

(HOWARD [???])
"Can somebody give me a hand, please?
I've got a lot of books here! Uh..."

Hail Eliot Rosewater, president and chairman!
Beacon of obliging noblesse,
Philanthropist deluxe!
Hail Eliot Rosewater, rarest of those rare men!

Sir you're late,
Your date-book's a mess,
Your wife called,
Here's your tux.

It's a joy to buoy the Iroquois and liberate the cree!
(Willingly! Willingly!)
Help the Idaho Grand Opera to produce Die Valkyrie!
(Chillingly! Chillingly!)
And we built a "Y" in Tenafly and two in Tennessee!
(Yes he did that! Yes-sir-ee!)

What a fella, fine example
What a paragon, a saint!
(So he is, so he is!)
What a pal to those who work in prose or poetry or painT!
(We know he is, we know is!)
He's devoted and he's loaded
So we haven't a complaint!
And we state without restraint!

He's the subject of out abject adulation,
I'm an outright blight of love and inspiration,
He's The Rosewater Foundation, L.T.D.!

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