Gigi - The Contract Lyrics

2015 Broadway revival
Gigi the Musical - The Contract Lyrics

We have been designated by Gaston Lachaille
To notify you of his passion for your niece and further
without her elegant companionship,
Our client feels his happiness will cease
So in the customary gentlemanly fashion,
We have been authorized to implement his passion
As this document confirms
Yes yes, of course, let's hear the terms
I like the horse before the cart,
Which means the 'course before the heart
Madame, this is a document of love, the tender declaration of
A man whose aim is spreading sunshine, nothing more
A contract with the most generous conditions
he has ever offered anyone before
Such are his feelings for your niece that he's provided
For her as Louis for??
A paradise where romance blooms
How many baths? How many rooms?
She'll view a lovely world henceforth
The view had better not be north
It's simpler to imagine Wonderland
If you have a little floor plan in your hand
It's all here in
Then do begin...
Monseiur will pledge to Mademoiselle
A flat of choice in which to well
A Taj Mahal where love may thrive
The rooms of which will number five!
The flats superbly decorated
In perfect taste and understated
All this to her Monseiur will give
As long as their romance may live!
Indeed! Indeed...
And when romance expires, how much has she got?
Alicia, hold your tongue! He's offered quite a lot
There's one thing I am firm in
What he's given her is permanent
Whether love endures or not
Alicia, please! You don't know Gaston
There's nothing mean in him!
Alicia, please! Decency is all I've ever seen in him!
To you, it's just a question of:
How much money equals love?
Thank you very much
Madame, please, why?
All this? and? is not complusory
Madame, please try
Legal matters needn't be so ulsery
Sit down and speak your mind
A little softer too
I have my pen in hand
Madame, it waits on you
Seven rooms
Seven rooms?
Not including the staff and chauffer
Seven rooms, seven rooms
In a townhouse I? to her? and damask will panel each wall
Velvet chairs, quite ornate
Only those who have not taste at all
Understate, understate
Seven rooms, *nervous laugh*
Seven rooms
Seven rooms
Seven rooms
All together, let's say it again
Seven rooms
That's right
Seven rooms
Not including the staff and chauffer
Seven rooms
Seven rooms
In a townhouse I? to her
What? More
Uh huh, a lot more
Love is all a woman needs to be content
But the bonds at love are best at, six percent
My job is legal counsel!
Listen to me please!
Your job is making copies and magnifying fees!
Alicia, how insulting! Gaston has been so good!
He wanted us to trust him! I really wish you would!
May I suggest-
No you may not!
I thought you'd like-
But I did not!
Alicia, you're unfeeling!
Well, we could-
Madame, it's stealing!
She'll have maids!
From Milan!
And a frequent magnificent stone
Stocks and shares
Other plan (?)
And a darling Rolls Royce of her own
Oh monseiurs, all alone
Please sign on this line
Tra-la-la. Tra-la-la
Sing it out to the heavens above!
Tra-la-la. Tra-la-la
Little Gigi is finally in love!
Gigi is finally, securely, divinely,
In love! Love! Love!

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