Gigi - In This Wide, Wide World Lyrics

2015 Broadway revival
Gigi the Musical - In This Wide, Wide World Lyrics

"In This Wide, Wide World" is a song from Gigi the Musical performed by Vanessa Hudgens (Gigi) and Corey Cott (Gaston).

I've been hoping you'd call.
Yes, I called you
I've been thinking, that's all
I've been doing today.
Am I sorry?
I'm sorry you wounded me so.
No, please, again.
Dont't try to explain.
What matters to me
is you forced me to see
something buried inside
I can do long hide
In this wide, wide world
Must be oh so many girls/boys
Better for you than I.
In this wide, wide world
There is someone who is more ideal for you
Someone who's more your world
wiser am  ........ smile
Charm galore she'll/he'll have,
Much more she'll/he'll have than I posess
With so much more finesse and style,
someone used to this wide, wide world
Who can love and still not hope too high.
Who can live your life. And give your life.
The things I can't supply. And if you find her/him, I'll die!
So I'm called today,
Called to say
After reflecting and pondering and
Thinking about you
I would rather be miserable with you
Than without you.

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In This Wide Wide World lyrics Gigi the musical

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