Jemilla's Lament Lyrics

2016 Chicago
Firebringer the Musical - Jemilla's Lament Lyrics

"Jemilla's Lament" was written by Meredith Stepien & Mark Swiderski, performed by Meredith Stepien (Jemilla).

I guess this is what I deserve
Otherwise I wouldn't be here right now
Zazzalil's got some nerve
Running off alone into the night

How did she think I'd react?
Just look at the facts
Snarl did attack

I guess I was holding us back
It stands to reason that we could have beaten him long ago
I just wish they would cut me some slack
Yes, I get it: This time I was wrong
I know

But if they only knew
From my point of view
I did it for you, Zazzalil

I guess I don't belong with the tribe
I'll bet now that I'm gone they will thrive
I know I'm not the bravest person
If I'd have fought, I'd make things worse than before

I guess I should get used to this
Can't really say I'm enjoying it now
I'll just sit here and reminisce
Find happiness in my memories somehow

But I can't pretend
This isn't the end
I miss all my friends

I guess I'm just alone from now on
I'm out here on my own singing songs
If only I could have two voices
I'd harmonize, but that's not a choice I can make

Ooh... Ooh...

Ooh... Ooh...

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Jemilla's Lament Lyrics from Firebringer the Musical