Paint Me Lyrics

2016 Chicago
Firebringer the Musical - Paint Me Lyrics

"Paint Me" was written by Meredith Stepien & Mark Swiderski, performed by Joey Richter (Grunt) and Rachael Soglin (Emberly).

I'll start with how your hair goes
The firelight makes it glow
Then I'll move onto that cute nose

Paint how you see me

Next I'll draw your smile
And stare at it a while
It just goes on for miles

Paint how you see me

I want to know how you see me
And if it's the same as I see you
With the colours of love
On your paintbrush

Paint how you see me

Now I'll paint your body
You always look so lovely
I can't explain these feelings

Paint how you see me

I think that I got everything
The essence of your beauty
I hope you like your painting
Of what I see in you

Oh, fuck, I forgot the eyes again
Can you get back in position?

Alright, I guess that's it then

I like how you see me

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Paint Me Lyrics from Firebringer the Musical