9 To 5 - I Just Might Lyrics

2019 West End
9 To 5 The Musical - I Just Might Lyrics

(Amber Davies, Natalie McQueen & Caroline Sheen)

You’re so nice

What to do and where to start
Things are falling all apart
Trying hard to move ahead
But keep losing ground instead

Still, I have to take a chance
Putting fear and doubt aside
Had no warning in advance
Nothing left to do but try

And I just might make it work
I just might make it after all
I just might rise above the hurt
Though I've suffered quite a fall

But I have to get a grip
And hold onto it like a vice, hmm
Have to face the fallen chips
I just might make it
I just might

Hey babe
Dick, what are you doing here?
Your sister told me you got a job.
Doesn’t look like it’s exactly up your alley
Oh no it’s, um completely up my alley
I’ll be done in a minute, shall we grab something to eat later?
Maybe talk?
I can’t, mindi’s waiting in the car.
We’re heading to accapulco for a little r&r.
These are the final divorce papers,
You need to sign them and give them to your lawyer.
Final? That sounds so final
Bye judy
How do you get replaced by a younger woman when you’re 21 years old?

Mum, why do you let him get away with it?
Because he makes a decision on the promotion tomorrow and until then-
I’m playing the good girl
Look, you’ve got to stop thinking about work all the time and start dating.
Josh, will you stop trying to get me laid!? It’s a little weird.
Well, you seem tense
Hart could make anyone tense
Ok here, take this doobie it’ll calm you down
Hang on there buster. You know how i feel about that stuff.
Pot is dangerous, it can lead to other things
I know, like relaxation…
Not going to happen, end of discussion
Exactly how long have you been waiting for that promotion?
Slip it in my purse

I’m as nice as I know how to be down at that office
But everyone still treats me like the bastard at the family reunion

Forget all about them honey
Who gives a hoot what they think?
But dwayne, it hurts my feelings.
They all seem to be judging me on how I look.
Maybe I should try and dress more like ‘em?
Now you don’t change a darn thang coz you’re perfect.
Now you just cow girl up, pull up those big girl panties.
Go down tomorrow and show them what a great gal you are.

You're the one that keeps me strong,
You're the shoulder I lean on
Hard to swallow pride...
When I think I've had enough
I think of you and toughen up
I know the truth inside
Love's a weapon and tool
And I am nobody's fool
I'm nobody's fool
I’ll just try to right what's wrong
And just keep on keeping on

But I just might make it work.
I just might... I just might...
I just might make it after all.
I just might make it
I just might rise above the hurt
Though I've suffered quite a fall.
Though I've suffered...
Though I've suffered...
I might live to see the day...
I can say "Hey! I'm alright"
I’m all right...
I'm all right.

Have to go on either way
Have to go on...

Rise above it
I just might be stronger than I know
Well I might really be surprised
Gotta get on with my life
And be strong
I just might make it
I just might
Just might make it
I just might
I just might
I just might make it
I just might...
Just might make it...
Just might make it...

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