9 To 5 - Let Love Grow Lyrics

2019 West End
9 To 5 The Musical - Let Love Grow Lyrics

(Christopher Jordan Marshall & Caroline Sheen)

I’m a one-man woman
And I had my one man
Well, he’s been gone over three years hasn’t he?
Sometimes it seem like he was just here a minute ago
And sometimes it seems he’s been gone a lifetime
I get it, but isn’t it time you found something more
To look forward to than showing up here every day

Love can grow in the strangest places
Might find love in strangers’ faces
Waiting just around the corner for all you know

Love can grow where you least expect it
Take and chance, don't reject it
Love will grow if one just lets it
Let love grow

I’m sorry joe, I can’t
I’m scared…
You have hart tied up in his house
And you’re scared to go on a date with me?

I know you have feelings for me too
But you're afraid to try love again

I know your heart is true
But this is all so new
And I wonder what i'll do
If I would let you in

It's a chance that's worth the taking
Love is out there for the making
Find it in the eyes of someone that you know

In any colour, shape or fashion
There is no denying passion
Love is always everlasting
Let love grow

Love can fill the empty spaces
Dry our tears and all their traces
Mend our broken hearts and heal our souls

Hindsight’s always out to blind you
Look ahead
And not behind you
Look for love and let it find you
Let love grow

I have to go
We only have an hour and a half for lunch

Love will grow if one just lets it
Let love grow
Let love grow

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