Water for Elephants - Wild Lyrics

2024 Broadway
Water for Elephants the Musical - Wild Lyrics

The song is written by PigPen Theatre Co. Performed by Isabelle McCalla & Grant Gustin.

When was the last time you were silent?
I don't mean quiet
I mean you could hear yourself inside?

I don't know

You should try, cause when I listen
After all that time
When I listen to me
I feel wild wild wild wild wild
Wild and free

When I left home for the road
I held my life in my hand
But then I slowly lost grip
And now I'm taking it back again

To say what I feel
And to feel what I say
They have to be the same

I believe that there's something
Maybe somewhere
A way to be
Maybe it's a person, not a place

Say what you mean

When I first saw you
When I saw you
I felt wild wild wild wild wild

When I lost all I had known
My grief led me down the road
To drown the sound of my pain
In that whistling train
Give myself to the unknown
I could have ended it then
I chose anywhere instead
And then it led me to you
Oh, the world was new
I fell in love --
It was easy and clear
But I could never say
If you felt the same ...

Oh, just when I think
I know the feeling
Feeling you surprises me
It rises up and holds me gently
Mm, it's that look in your eye that moves me
It draws me in to see what you're seeing
I see you seeing me
In this moment
And you're thinking like me
It can't be just this moment
There's a flicker, a flame
It's asking what comes after

When I'm with you

When I'm with you
You make me feel wild

Feel wild
I feel wild
Feel wild
I see us being wild wild wild wild wild
Wild and free

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Water for Elephants the Musical Lyrics

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