Ride Out the Storm Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Some Like It Hot the Musical - Ride Out the Storm Lyrics

The song is written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

Clouds rollin’ in, darken the sky
I saw them coming when I heard his goodbye
Soon my tomorrow’s will be all hung out to dry
All that’s left is to ride out the storm

SUE: (spoken)
And now, please give a warm welcome
To our very own Miss Sugar Kane

Clouds movin’ in, ready to pour
I’m used to thunder
'Cause I’ve heard it all before
The wind started blowing
Took my man right out the door
All that’s left is to ride out the storm

I thought that I had found shelter
Someone to brighten the day
But now comes the pain
So I welcome the rain
For to wash all my sorrows away

Clouds block thе light
So I can’t see the wrong
Drown out my heartbreak
'Causе it’s coming down strong
Somehow you knew
I’d be singing this old song
All that’s left is to ride out the storm

Clouds take your place
Watching from above
You’re always ready when I think
I’ve found love
Thought I was safe
But now all I’m thinking of
Is to find a place to ride out
The storm!

Guess there won’t be a dream house
Guess I misunderstood
Now that dream house
That dream house is fading from view
He made me a promise
And that the future looked good
Yeah, too good, too good
Too good to be true!

So, clouds have your way
'Till you yield to the sun
Rain cats and dogs
'Till the heavens are done
I’ll find my strength
Here with just the number one
'Til the light finds me cried out and warm
On my own, I will ride out
The storm!

The storm!

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Ride Out the Storm Lyrics Some Like It Hot

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