Soft Power - Song of the Campaign Lyrics

2019 Off-Broadway
Soft Power the Musical - Song of the Campaign Lyrics

I was on the campaign for three years
Three years
Of "Hillary ditch the pantsuit."
"Why, Hillary, aren't your lungs more spry, Hillary?"
"Show us your MRI, Hillary."
"Try, Hillary
To smile more."
Smile more

"Oh, don't get angry. Oh, don't be shrill
But, for God's sake, don't be fake."

I've been in the public eye for decades
Of "Hillary it's a scandal!"
"Wow, Hillary, will you leave Bill now, Hillary?
But, you did take a vow, Hillary."
"Bow, Hillary, and smile more."
Now the votes are in
They tell me to, oh, just turn the page
Go home, shut up, get off the public stage
Sons of bitches showing me the door
All my dreams lie shattered on the floor
Who was that all for?

I haven't washed my hair or changed my clothes in 10 days
10 days
Of "Hillary, make a statement. You're Hillary."
"We were so damn sure, Hillary."
"Now, you are just like Gore, Hillary."
"Poor Hillary. Poor Hillary. Poor Hillary. Poor Hillary."

No more interviews. No more photo ops
Because I'm never running for President ever again

Now that makes me smile

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