Stephen Sondheim - Love Is In The Air Lyrics

An American composer and lyricist
Stephen Sondheim - Love Is In The Air Lyrics

(from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum the Musical)

Love is in the air
Quite clearly
People everywhere
Act queerly
Wives are at their husbands' service
Virgins are distinctly nervous
Love is going around

Anyone exposed
Can catch it
Keep your window closed
And latch it
Leave your house and lose your reason
This is the contagious season
Love is going around

It's spreading
Each minute
Throughout the whole vicinity
Step out and
You're in it
With everyone involved
Who can stay uninvolved?

Love is in the air
This morning
Bachelors beware
Fair warning
My advice to you is gratis
If you want to keep your status
Stay home, don't take a breath
You could catch your death
'Cause love is around

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Stephen Sondheim lyrics Love Is In The Air

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