Sunny - Two Little Bluebirds Lyrics

1925 Broadway
Sunny the Musical - Two Little Bluebirds Lyrics

The song was written by Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II and Otto Harbach.

Look up in those branches,
Can't you see two little bluebirds?
Seems to me that no birds
Ever looked so sad.

Maybe they've a story
That is just like yours and mine dear,
There they sit and pine dear,
For a loss they've had.

Two little bluebirds,
Love two other bluebirds,
But those two untrue birds
Have flown.

High in the treetops,
This lonely pair,
Taking the air,
Try not to care.

Coo to each other,
Like sister and brother
But somehow they seem all alone.

They miss the bluebirds
Who've been untrue.
That's why these bluebirds are blue.

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Sunny the Musical Lyrics

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