I’m Craving for That Kind of Love Lyrics

1921 Old Song
Noble Sissle - I'm Craving for That Kind of Love Lyrics

I’m wishing, and fishing, and wanting to hook,
A mankind like you find in a book.
I mean a modern Romeo,
I do not want a phoneo.
He may be the baby of some vamp . . .
Oh, babe, at vampin’ and lampin’ I’m the champ.
And if I once get him, I’ll just set him,
Beneath my parlor lamp—and let him:

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me with his tempting lips
(Sweet as honey drips),
Press me, press me, press me,
To his loving breast,
While I gently rest,
Breathe love’s tender sighs, while I gaze into his eyes,
Eyes that will just hypnotize.

Then I know he’ll whisper, whisper, whisper to me soft and low,
Something nice, you know:
“Honey, Honey[, Honey]”
When there’s no one near.
My baby dear
Will huddle me, cuddle me, sing to me, cling to me,
Croon to me, spoon to me, sigh to me, cry to me.
I’m craving for that kind of love.

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I'm Craving for That Kind of Love Lyrics